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Probation Orientation

Orientation Service for Probation, Drug Offender Probation, Mental Health Probation, Community Control and Sex Offender Probation

Violation of Probation

Individuals are thoroughly educated, in common language and in a relaxed setting, about what is required of them in order to comply with all terms and conditions of their sentence.

When the orientation is completed, individuals will be fully aware of what is necessary in order to avoid inadvertent technical violations and successfully complete their term of supervision.

Sentence conditions such as warrantless searches, employer notification, substance abuse testing, travel restrictions, curfews, residence restrictions and polygraph examinations are all covered.

Learn how your First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights are affected.

The orientation service is worthwhile at any point, however, it is most beneficial prior to sentencing.

A particular defendant's personal or professional life can present unintended hardships with regard to standard or special conditions. These potential problems can be revealed and addressed prior to sentencing, thus avoiding costly and time consuming court appearances for modification hearings.

A person's first visit to a probation office can be an intimidating experience. The orientation service prepares defendants for what to expect from their initial courtroom processing through their field office assignment. Learn proper "probation etiquette".

A post sentencing follow up consultation will be scheduled in order to explain the specifics of the actual sentence.

Get educated, be prepared and succeed.

View Florida Probation Orders here. (pdf)