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FCPC Scoresheet Verification

Florida Criminal Punishment Code Scoresheet Verification

Point totals based on current charges and prior offenses directly relate to the minimum length of incarcerative sanctions.

A total point score that is a fraction of a point higher can mean the difference between a mandatory prison sentence or no prison time at all. The importance of accuracy in scoring is obvious.

Conducting a detailed review of current charges and prior convictions is essential to point total accuracy.

Investigators research and obtain certified court records in order to establish the specific statute for any offenses scored.

VOP/VOCC/Violation of Pretrial Release

Subsections of the same statute can be scored at different levels.

Offenses scored from other states can have subtle differences under Florida law.

Any uncertainty in the scoring of the offender's prior record must be resolved in favor of the offender. Any disagreements must be resolved by the sentencing judge.

View the Florida Criminal Punishment Code Manual here. (pdf)