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Sentencing/ Downward Departure Investigations

Pre-Sentence Investigations/ Downward Departure Investigations/ Death Penalty Phase Investigations

Sentencing Investigations

The primary purpose of the sentencing investigation is to compile the most complete, relevant and accurate information to assist the court in determining an appropriate sanction.

Our professional investigators have the experience and capability to prepare competent, comprehensive and credible pre-sentence investigations in accordance with FS 948.015.

We have completed hundreds of sentencing investigations as public servants and in the private sector.

Court ordered pre-sentence investigations are prepared by employees of the plaintiff.

Do not permit the plaintiff to have exclusive responsibility for preparation of the defendant's sentencing investigation and recommendation.

The investigations can also be effective exhibits as part of a downward departure motion.

The defense carries the burden of proving a departure factor by a preponderance of the evidence.

Sentencing investigations may uncover evidence supporting the basis for departure motions.

Investigators will provide sworn testimony at hearings if required.